Kombat Kids, Mortal Kombat Begins

Welcome to the Kombat Kids WikiEdit

Kombat Kids is Mortal Kombat parody made by Tedakin in youtube. It was uploaded in October 24, and 2015 year. Also, i am not good at making some articles, so if you want you can edit. Credits: Written and Directed by: Ted Bracewell Artwork, Animation and Audio Editing: Ted Bracewell Cast: Matt Bradford - Johhny Cage, Liu Kang, Nightwolf, Kung Lao, Ermac, Sektor and announcer Michelle Madison - Sonya Blade Dave Fennoy - Jax Marijana Bradford - Kitana Ted Bracewell - Stryker, Fujin, Kabal, Reptile, Shao Kahn, Cyrax, Predator, Kotal Kahn, Reiko Seth Hendrix - Raiden and Baraka Boo the Cat - Kintaro

Kombat Kids characters that appearEdit

Kombat Kids characters:

Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage, Baraka, Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Jax, Kenshi, Bo Rai Cho, Fujin, Ermac, Stryker, Cyrax, Human Smoke, Sheeva, Sindel, Sonya Blade, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Rain, Raiden, Reiko, Onaga {Onaga is Kotal Kahn's kite}, Kotal Kahn, Hotaru {killed by Sheeva}, Darrius {killed by Baraka}, Drahmin, Hsu Hao {they died since they are hated}, Kabal, Kira, Kano, Tremor, Shao Kahn {as statue}, Predator {after Liu Kang beats Sheeva he notices Predator}, Kintaro {Shang Tsung not normal Kintaro}, Nightwolf, Kurtis Stryker, Motaro, Shinnok, Erron Black, Quan Chi, D'Vorah, Noob Saibot, Mokap. Easter Egg character: Jason Voorhees

Characters that do NOT and i repeat NOT appearEdit

I don't think there are a lot of characters that do not appear:

Goro, Cyber Smoke since Human Smoke appears instead, Taven, Daegon, Blaze, Moloch, Kobra, Mavado, Nitara, Li Mei, Kai, Jarek, Frost, Tanya, Sareena, Havik, Ashrah, Dairou, Darrius, Chameleon or Khameleon both don't appear in Kombat Kids, Skarlet, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Alien, Jacqui Briggs, Takeda Takahashi, Cassie Cage, Kung Jin. If i missed any characters, watch Kombat Kids video and tell me again.

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